Content: Quality vs. Quantity

The great debate!  Not that it’s really much of a debate any more.

I always thought it went without saying, but recently I was presented with a question that brought me back to this topic.  A few years ago the evidence for quality content over the quantity of your content was overwhelming, yet I see so many businesses and professionals not abiding by the findings.  Honestly, I have been guilty of focusing on quantity rather than quality but I will read an article  or get asked a question that causes me to refocus on what is most important.

The number one reason I will say that quality content is most important than the quantity is because Google holds content that has been interacted with higher.  Since Google is still the number one search engine and they look at content in such a way, well, then we should too.

Whether you hate Google or not, they impact whether your business is found above or below your competitors or even found at all!

If that’s not enough for you, then think about it from a social perspective.  When you create social content but lack interaction then your social account is not relevant, but if you create content that appeals to your audience then you will be seen as relevant by the social network.  Whether it is searching on Google or a social network it is all based on an algorithm, in order to get your brand voice heard then you must play by the algorithmic rules.

If you would like some assistance in understanding in algorithms then contact me at 877-494-9668.

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Blogging, something to think about

I have been reading a few local small business blog posts lately, quickly discovering a few frustrations that lead to some blogging tips to share with you.

When a small business writes blog posts they need to write it for the person reading, for public relations and search engines.  When writing a blog post for business here are some tips for keeping focused on the people reading it.

1.  Mention a business, link to their website.

While creating your blog post, keep in mind that it is beneficial for you to mention other companies that you worked with as long as you link to their website.  Consumers know you are not doing everything alone, they know it takes collaborative relationships for any business to be success.  Why not share that?

When you do share about a collaboration with another business it, really does, make you look good.  It shows the reader, or consumer, that you a proactively building working relationships to ensure success and the success of others.  Especially if you link to their website.  Not to mention the search engine benefits to it.

2.  Lay it out so it’s readable.

Many times I see so many businesses with multiple advertisements within one blog post that it seriously makes it almost unreadable.  Think about this before including advertisements within your blog post.  Also, think about why you are advertising on your blog and what is it doing for you.

As long as your blog post is aesthetically appealing you will gain readers and keep them engaged.

3.  Search engine optimized.

It’s not just about creating your blog post with keywords, but also what websites you link to.  Linking to a credible source that has established themselves as credible will most likely increase your search ranking.  Also, linking to an original post or article that may have sparked your blog post content idea will be beneficial.

Another way to increase search ranking is by integrating your post with Facebook comments and social sharing capabilities.  The more your content is shared or engaged with the more relevant it is to Google.  Keeping your content current, readable, linked and with keywords will improve your search ranking.

4. Analytical data.

It’s helpful whether it’s good, bad or downright ugly.  Your data will tell you whether your content is being read, an idea of who is reading it, what device they are reading it on and which blog post has been read the most.  This data will tell you exactly what your audience is looking for, which will help you create better content in the future.

All these tips will help you gain readership, keep readers engaged so they read the whole post and create better content for the future (resulting in social sharing).

If you need some assistance with creating, optimizing, linking or analyzing your blog posts contact me at 877-494-9668.

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Facebook Contest: This changes everything!

Recently Facebook announced changes to the contest guidelines for Pages, which is in favor of pages.  “Now, promotions may be administered on Page Timelines and in apps on Facebook,” Facebook News.  What does this mean for the business and most importantly the consumer?

I will be honest, this is not completely shocking news, since most pages break the rules to begin with.  I personally think this is Facebook’s way of saying, if you can’t beat them, then we will change the rules.  This definitely is a great way for Facebook to gain some momentum with businesses.  On the other hand, it may be a bad move on Facebook’s part.

Facebook could be neglecting the end user on this decision.  Now that the gate is open, the word is getting out, so you will begin to see an overwhelming amount of contests that, I would date to say, most pages will not actually monitor well.  I just think our News Feeds may get flooded with contests, ultimately resulting in contest numbness.

I really believe that a business needs to be more clever than ever now.  You don't want to jump on a contest just because you can, you want to make sure you are tracking the results, be honest and don't play favorites (it’s not fair).  I have worked with businesses and marketers for long enough to know that this new ability will be abused, at least for a short time.  This just means, now more than ever before, companies must adopt a the social mindset and social marketing.

For contest assistance, contact me at 877-494-9668 so I can help you setup your contest and guide you through the process so it will be done the right way.

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