Why Using “Insta” Print Branding or Cousin Larry “Who Knows Photoshop” is a Mistake

We all know a guy who knows a guy who can come up with a logo and get a business card done because he has some software. If not, there is always the discounted 1000 cards for the price of a Starbucks deal. Why in the world would an intelligent business owner like yourself waste their money on a professional graphic design company to do the same thing?

Well, because it’s not the same thing. Not even close.

Cousin Larry may know a little Photoshop with a few impressive keyboard shortcuts, but does he know the difference between a serif and sans serif? In typography you wouldn’t want a serif if your logo is destined for the web or it will lack readability among other things. That is just one of many scenarios that Larry may not have the experience to anticipate. Likewise, “insta” print will take what you give them and put it into a template that is a generic design, and a file that you can’t make adjustments to or access a live designer to discuss changes. “Insta” print cards are so recognizable that a coffee shop board full of cards has repeats of the same design for completely different companies. Branding is standing out, not blending in.

An experienced designer will customize your logo considering your branded colors with corresponding numbers (so it will always be consistent), your personal typographic font and develop the appropriate files necessary for professional printing. Change happens, and your designer will be there with the native files to make those changes for you. Will Larry? Maybe he’s off fishing and feels he’s done his duty.

Why in the world would an intelligent business owner like yourself waste their money or time on generic online design services or Larry? To have printing issues, zero access to the native files for modifications and forgettable branding? Your business supports your life. From the moment a client touches that smooth textured card or sees that logo for the first time, that impression is everything. Make it a good one.

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