What is a Mobile Web App?

Something you may have heard about lately, plus something we wrote about last week, is the term mobile web app.  This is not something new, but something that will be very valuable for your business.  If you have heard this term them you most likely have heard the term mobile responsive.  The difference is mobile responsive is present and mobile web app is the future.

Since apps have become increasingly popular the last few years due to the increase in smartphone ownership, which is predicted to increase in 2014.  Businesses have adopted their marketing efforts towards mobile.  Not every business can afford to create a native app so web and mobile developers created mobile responsive websites. 

A mobile responsive website simply provides a solution for your website to be readable across multiple screen sizes, especially mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.  However this solutions turns your entire website into a mobile friendly one, meaning all your pages with all it’s content.  This can still make for an ugly mobile experience.  A mobile experience is one of simplicity, making the mobile responsive a stepping stone towards what the future truly holds.  Which is the mobile web app.

A mobile web app is your go between for your website and a native app experience by turning your website into a mobile app, on the web.  This allows your visitors to have a true mobile experience, including the ability to download it.  Your visitors can download your web app upon visiting it, giving it the appearance of a native app.  They won’t need to go to the app store, saving you some money since you will be able have a website and an app in one shot.

*Sales pitch:  Since most businesses cannot afford an app, we offer a website and a mobile web app for your business.  If you are happy with your current website but lacking in the true mobile experience then let us turn your website into a mobile web app for you.  If you have questions and are interested in the taking your business into the future call us at 877-494-9668.