Web and Mobile Tip on Leading and Tracking

Text “Leading” on the Web

When working with web technologies, more specifically CSS (cascading style sheets), to adjust your text online it is important to note that “Leading” in graphic design is referred to as “line-height”. A common way to think of this is a document with lines that are singled-spaced lines, or double-spaced lines. The space between the lines is where the CSS “line-height” property would help you control with pin-point accuracy.

Text “Tracking” on the Web

Another web consideration is the term “tracking” or even “kerning”. Note, the web really does not do much in terms of kerning, but we will combine the two here for simplicity sake. In graphic design or word processing “Tracking” is, generally speaking, the space between the letters in a word. On the web this is referred to as “letter-spacing” in CSS.

Bonus! Text “Word Spacing” on the Web

When you combine the above two CSS properties “line-height” and “letter-spacing” with various others, you can create some very cool Search Engine Friendly text on web, mobile and tablet devices. A great one to use to increase the spacing between the words (and not just the letters) is known as the “word-spacing” property. Give it a try and all of your wildest ‘typography’ and SEO dreams will come true! Maybe?

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