Two Ways Do It Yourselfers Can Team Up With An Agency in 2014

When it comes to doing things yourself it often seems to be the more affordable road, but at some point we all realize it is best to have some guidance, maybe even a little bit of help.  I often get asked how a do it yourselfer can work with an agency.  There are several ways a do it yourself type of person can work with a marketing agency but we are only going to cover two in this blog post.

When it comes to design I rely on Cassandra Stephens for input and here is what she had to say about working with a do it yourselfer on design.

“I can educate them on the fact that vendors will not accept design files like logos, flyers, business cards etc. in a Word Processing file format. Designs need to be created using professional design software that allows them to set their files up for the many diff. uses in print and web.

Another thing I could share is that if designed items are being sent to a professional printer, printers request very specific formatting to print correctly.

Another tip I could share is to always save the native files. A lot of newbie, DIYselfers will design in Photoshop, flatten the image then realize that mistake when they need to make an edit or use a piece of that image for something else. Always save a layered version of your Photoshop file!

Another tip I could give is that the designer needs to consider the end result of their design piece to determine which program to design in. For example designing a printed item in Photoshop is fine but if you don’t design the file in high resolution there is no going back and it will print pixelated. So then if you want the design to print clear you have to redesign the project… at a higher resolution. Designing in vector software like Illustrator is more forgiving. If you create a small design and realize later you need it larger, as long as all items in that file are vector, then pixelation will not occur.” - Cassandra Stephens

When it comes to using social with your marketing, that is when I chime in.  Here are my thoughts.

I believe collaboration is going to be the greatest tool for any business to have in 2014 and into 2015.  As the collaboration tools get better and better the more smoothly we will see businesses run based off of their collaboration.  Collaborating in a cost effective way with an agency is done best through education and consultation.

Think about it like this.  You could have a team of professionals at your fingertips helping you with marketing your business even better.  This does not mean they do the work for you, but they can help guide you to creating better marketing for your business or edit content you want to post.

I absolutely love helping a business with marketing their business.  I have always believed it is always better coming from the source because it is authentic.  Besides, educating a business owner to be able to use tools and create content to help their business is my passion.  I have always loved learning and teaching others what I have learned.
You know your business and we know marketing so we are "Better Together."