Trusting the Right People in 2014

I have always been one to say that trust is earned and never freely given.  If you are like me in that way then you will have some struggles in 2014.  Trust in 2014 will not be earned unless first given.  Trust will be a high commodity in 2014, it will hold a value not measured by dollars but measured by character and value you see in a person. 

If you truly want your marketing to be successful you will have to give a little trust to get results in return.  Why will trust be in such high demand in 2014?

With all the many different marketing avenues for small businesses you will have to trust your employees, an agency or a consultant to help you manage them.  Simply put, you will need help with marketing your business in 2014 so you will have to trust someone to help you.

As a small business owner, twice now, I have noticed two things when it comes to trust and doing something new.

Whenever a small business owner seeks help marketing their business it forces them into a new area they have never been while forcing them to trust their new guide.  Most small business owners treat trust as a rope they tie around your waist, the further you take them into the unknown the more they tend to tug on it.  What they do not realize is that trust is more like letting go of that rope which means they have to hire someone they can trust.

Here are three areas you must have trusted people in for 2014 marketing.

1.  Website management.

2.  Mobile web management.

3.  Social management.

Remember, trust is in high demand so you must give a little to get a higher return.