Top 5 Reasons Why a Remote Office Wins Over an Office Space

Technology has transformed business at an accelerated pace changing the very face of business.   The brick and mortar with the hanging shingle has given way to the remote office in a big way. Business is a digital arena  and the reach is endless. The need for office space is dwindling as more remote offices achieve higher success and profits for a myriad of reasons, here are the top 5.

1) Cost Effective - Working without the rent for office space, insurance, and commuting costs and time. Overhead on office spaces consumes the majority of a small business costs.

2) Personal Connection - Remote office professionals travel to their clients, giving them their total attention and working around their schedules. This creates a personal connection and comfort level that even the greatest office furniture can't offer.

3) Increased Productivity  - Business owners who work remotely are on average 40% more productive. Eliminating the burden of commuting, lunches out, office attire and office politics contributes to an environment focused on the tasks at hand without constant switching of gears. Additionally, without a timeline of business hours, remote office professionals will be productive during their most productive hours, which can translate to early mornings or late nights respectively.

4) Timely Projects - Remote offices  can be anywhere and open at anytime. When working with an office space location,  projects that are delayed due to a car repair, a child care issue, sick days and other life events are often still delivered despite such setbacks due to the flexibility of the remote office.

5) Happy People - Without getting into rainbows and cupcakes here, it is a fact that happy people have a direct effect on the increased happiness of others. This is a taken for granted yet essential business factor for success. The most successful businesses thrive on their happy clients and equally happy business owners. Remote business owners are just plain happier (see reasons 1-4).