Timing Is Everything


When should I post on my Facebook Page?  When do I post on Twitter?  How often should I post?

These are the most common questions I receive from entrepreneurs, business owners and other marketing professionals.  In business we realize that timing could make us or break us, show up too early or too late and you can miss an opportunity.  Timing is key when it comes to social, when and how often are key components to the success of your social network. 

First, know your audience.  Knowing your audience will allow you to take their possible lifestyle into consideration.  That will tell you a few things about when they are on their social network and looking at their News Feed.

Second, look into social analytics, such as at your Facebook Insights.  Your insights will tell you when your actual audience is on Facebook.  This gives you an even better opportunity to reach your audience and grow.  Currently Twitter does not have much for analytics unless you advertise, but if you use a social management tool you should have some analytics from Twitter.

If you use SproutSocial Twitter analytics is included and if you use HootSuite some are included but they offer more for additional cost.  Currently what I use is SocialBro.

SocialBro allows me to dig into Tweet Analytics, see who currently followed me, who doesn’t follow me, who I don’t follow back and the Best Time To Tweet.  I use this tool for clients and create reports for them.  I really like the updates they have made with a slicker new look, making it more user friendly.

Third, simply apply all the data you have and make it easy on yourself by using a social management tool.  The tool I prefer setting up clients on and coaching them with is BufferApp.  This tool allows me to analyze their social networks and create a schedule in the backend so they do not have to worry about timing.  All they have to do is load up the content and the schedule I create in their BufferApp account does the rest.  That is the difference between doing social on your own and working with a professional.

If you would like assistance on setting your social networks up right and having the right tools at your fingertips contact me at 877-494-9668.