The Symphony of Integrated Marketing

The Symphony of Integrated Marketing: How Start Ups Save Money by Using One Marketing Company

Ah the symphony... with parallel chords, close harmony and an orchestra interlude leading into a crescendo to the perfect chanson. All instruments in perfect timing to each other, creating music that sings with strength and clarity. Every note dependent on each other for that harmonic progression to consonance. And by that I mean if one person screws it up, the whole thing quickly turns into 3 year olds with pots and pans. Harsh wails and angry cat noises just have a way of ruining it for everyone.

Marketing is also a symphony; a composition of different elements. Now imagine a marketing symphony attempting to harmonize your business marketing instruments from various different locations. I can hear the angry cat noises already. The website developer downtown has an incompatible file from the graphic designer across town who received it from an artist in Sedona who is now at an 8 week yoga retreat. Pfft,  not music to any business owners ears.

Do start ups really save money piecing out their marketing? Drum roll..trumpet..cow bell.. the answer is a resounding, baritone "no". The time and energy required to chase down, reformat, revise and restructure your branding when it's not under one roof is costly to you and your brand. It shows. The notes are off, and the whole song of your brand is without harmony.

Keep it together man!  Keep your marketing under one roof and use the money you save for those tickets to the symphony.