The Mobile Apps We Use

“There’s an app for that.” So true it’s funny! We wanted to share the apps we use for work, in our personal lives and just for fun.

We all use GoogleDrive to stay connected as a team and add our two cents into any document. This allows us to share new ideas or thoughts with each other in one single location.

I use my Amazon app for shopping, we buy most of our house hold items from there. The app allows me to make purchases quickly when I forget to add it while I am ordering on my computer.  An app I use for fun is RunKeeper, it helps me track each run while keeping track of the calories I burn and let’s me play my music right in the app. It’s one of my motivational tools. What apps do you use that motivate you to get up and go? - Cassandra Stephens

I do mix some work with some personal but for the most part I use social apps a lot for both.  If I am not checking email or responding to a text then I am most likely on a social network.

I use several apps to dig for content to post and others to keep track of conversations with prospects or leads.  If I am not posting and digging for content to post then I am watching my favorite TV shows or some movie.  I do not play many games and the games I do play I do not play much, but sometimes I need that little bit of fun. - Gary Winchester

I use a handful of apps to keep my life as organized as I can and to keep an eye on work tasks as needed. My goto app is the Bible App (& Bible App for Kids) from YouVersion - this keeps me sane & centered and teaches my kids to love others more than themselves. After that I have to have access to my calendar or else I will never remember anything my wife needs me to do, my kids need me to get, or my work that needs to get done. I really don’t use apps for entertainment because I have kids for that! - Norm Schurdell

What apps do you use for work, personal life or for fun?