The Key to Timing Your Tweets Just Right

Every marketer has their own tools that they use for different results.  Some use automation tools, some use manual tools and some in between tools.  I use a good mixture, but what I find that works best for me, and my clients, for Twitter is two tools.  I use SocialBro and BufferApp to help me manage and report on progress.



SocialBro allows me to track analytics on Twitter, from identifying the audience to tracking engagement and even the best time to tweet.  I find that timing is everything, especially on Twitter.

There are a lot of companies that have tracked tweets and shared their best time to tweet theories.  Although these claims are tracked, backed by analytics and most likely accurate they are still theories because what works for someone else may not work for you.  This is why I use SocialBro.  The best time to tweet feature tracks your top 500 followers, allowing you to identify the best and most accurate times for you to post by day and by hour.  Also, this feature can be integrated with another tool I use called BufferApp. 




I use BufferApp to create a schedule for content on each social network based upon analytics.  I specifically use it in conjunction with SocialBro for Twitter.  However, I do not take advantage of the integration.  Here is why, if I use the integration it gives me the same schedule every day of the week, but the best time to tweet is not most accurate that way.  What I do is go into SocialBro, check the best time to tweet for each day, write the peak times down and then put those into the BufferApp schedule.  Although it is more time consuming I find it gives me better results and allows me to more accurately target your audience.


I tend to take the extra steps because I believe that the details will set me apart from any competition.

What things do you do in your industry that sets your business apart from competition?