The Future of Web & Mobile Marketing

There are a lot of claims about the future of the Internet, websites and mobile marketing, so why not throw our two cents in too.  The future is always a bit unpredictable, making some of the greatest predictions incorrect even a little bit, so take this for what it is is a prediction after all. 

Looking at where the web has been, where it is now and observing some trends we pretty much see the web going mobile.  In the next few years we believe the way we create websites will be reversed.  Most, if not all, businesses create their online presence beginning with a website and then if they are savvy enough they go mobile.  We believe the future will begin with mobile and work it’s way to web.

Currently the trend right now is to create a mobile responsive website, but that still leaves your mobile presence lacking.  We believe the near future for mobile is to create a mobile web app.  This is the “tween” solution for a mobile response website and a native app.  Your visitors will receive a fully mobile experience with the ability to download your mobile web app to their home screen, giving it the app appearance.  However, there are native functionality that will be missing, such as push notifications.

Summing up this prediction, we believe businesses will create a mobile web app that will translate well into a desktop experience.  This will keep things extremely simple for the future of web and mobile marketing.