The Client Relationship: Bonding Over Business

You're only as good as your clients

A successful business knows that they are only as good as their clients. They strive to provide their clients continuing satisfaction which creates a bond that good business is built on. The key is to build relationships that extend beyond the one time project. Through ongoing projects, the bond is strengthened and the client's needs are deeply understood and consistently reached creating a valuable relationship.

The Ways of the Client Whisperer

  1. Communication - Keeping the client informed is the highest priority. Regular communication and updates are imperative.
  2. Open up - Sharing your resources with a client leads to growth and creates a valuable relationship. Openly share information and services offered to expand their options.
  3. Person first, client second - Your client is a person first. They have their own individual preferences and expectations. Know the person and you will please the client.
  4. Reward loyalty - Clients have a choice, and when they choose you again and again that deserves recognition and gratitude. The loyal client has earned preferential treatment and by acknowledging them with special offers and a genuine "Thank You" bonds that relationship.
  5. Long term partnership - The final stage of a bonded client relationship is a partnership dynamic. You have their back and they know it. They trust you and include you as a long term addition to their business.

At The Marketing Minds we love what we do. Norm has been in the design/marketing & web/development industries for over 27 years and Cassandra in the design/print/marketing industry for over 14 years. All those years of experience = we love what we do! We could not do it without great relationships with our clients. Having amazing client relationships has been the reason for our success. Our clients our happy, our employees/contractors are happy, we are happy = SUCCESS!