The Beginning Of A Heartwarming Digital Transformation


Malawi - The Warm Heart of AfricaThere has been the paradigm shift in accessing information among Malawians. For the past ten years, information was mainly accessed through radio, television and printed media.  As such, businesses used these mediums when promoting their products and services. However, the introduction of internet being pioneered by telecommunication companies made increased the public’s access to information. 


The government through Ministry of information developed policies that have enhanced the adoption of communication technology in the both public and private businesses.  In addition to the government support, there has been an increased penetration of smart phones and other mobile devices. Gadgets have simplified access to online information as people have internet available right in their hands. Speaking at the 2016 chartered institute of Marketers (CIM) conference in Mangochi Malawi, National Bank Head of strategy pointed out that most consumers in Malawi are spending more time online therefore the need to find them where they are. 

Bridging The Gap

Malawi Digital Marketing Conference main sponsorsHowever, a huge gap exists on the way businesses have taken advantage of the digital technology. For example, most businesses are not online. Further, those that are online have not fully taken advantage of digital marketing as their growth strategy. It is from this background that The Marketing Minds Group through their Malawian agent, Charis invest and consult has partnered with Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) and Malawi’s first tech hub, Mhub to organize a digital marketing conference. The event will take place at MIM’s Kanengo campus, in the capital city of Malawi, Lilongwe from 11th to 13th October 2017. The aim of the conference is to train business leaders on how best they can integrate technology in their marketing strategies. 

Commenting on the significance of the conference, Bright Chidzumeni, Founder of a growing technology company, TECULES based in Lilongwe noted that a lot of people do not know the difference that digital marketing can bring to their business. 

‘The major problem in most businesses is that people do not know how best they can use available digital platforms. We all need to know that the main reason digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing channels is the ability of internet marketing tools to interact with targeted audience in real time ’ Chidzumeni said. 

The training Co-facilitators, Mhub expressed their excitement on being part of this event. 

‘This will be a great platform to impart the much needed digital marketing skills to businesses in Malawi’. Blessings Chavula, one of Mhub managers said. 

Concurring with Chavula, Malawi institute of Management (MIM) did not hid words in saying that it is the first time for their institution to host a digital marketing related training. 

‘As a public leadership and management training institution, the conference is providing us with an opportunity to offer unique knowledge and skills especially in this digital age’ said Mr. Denis J. Msakwiza, the Chief Management Development Consultant.

Inspiring A Brighter Future

Nation Publications LimitedIn order to appreciate the significance of the event in shaping the digital landscape of business in Malawi, there is a support from both the print and electronic media. Malawi’s leading Newspaper, Nations Publications Limited (NPL) has supported the conference by offering a full page advertising space in their paper. NPL representative, Albert Banda said that the training is beneficial to their company and they will be part of the conference.’ We intend to send four members from sales, marketing and design to attend this conference’ Banda said.  In addition to this, The Marketing Minds President, Norm Schurdell will be a guest on a Lifeline, an inspiration magazine program on Malawi’s leading television station, Zodiac. ‘we will shoot the program as soon as Norm arrives in the country’, said Martin Kalima, the program host. Whilst Philip Dzikanyanga, programs officer at channel for all nations radio is looking forward to feature Norm will as a guest on Business forum program. In these platforms, Schurdell will explain the significance of digital marketing to businesses.

Malawi Digital Marketing Conference main sponsorsA number of organizations have already started confirming their attendance as well support for the conference.  Grace Media Limited led by Pacharo Kayira, Craig Sambala’s Easy Life Tiles, Honorable Olipa Chiluba’s Taonga stationary and general dealers and corporate promotions are among Medium enterprises that have confirmed their participation. Telecommunications giant, Telecom Networks Malawi (TNM), National Bank of Malawi and United General insurance are among corporate organizations that are attending the digital marketing conference.

The Marketing Minds with their local partner Charis invest and consult (CIC), who are organizing the conference, will use the conference to unveil a number of initiatives whose aim is to shape the digital landscape of business in Malawi. These include the launch of United General insurance (UGI) mobile Application and online digital marketing short courses to be offered in partnership with University of Lilongwe and Mhub. TMMs will also unveil an entrepreneurship project that will contribute to the social economic development of Malawi.  Under this initiative, TMMs and Charis in partnership with Center for Free Market enterprise will be equipping the youths with digital marketing skills in effort that way create jobs. 


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