The Algorithmic Rule: Understand, Know, Follow & Create

Algorithms play a role when marketing your business online.  In order to maximize your efforts and your return on investment you need to understand the algorithm, know it’s triggers and play by the rules.  This will then help you create your algorithmic rules.


First you must understand the algorithm, which is not as easy as most might think.  This simply means you are better off working with someone who has an understanding, a professional with experience marketing businesses online. 


Second, you must then know what triggers different results.  When I do A it triggers B and sometimes C.  For example: A like holds a different algorithmic value than a share or comment on Facebook, whether it is less or more only Facebook knows, but knowing that helps me create content geared to achieving specific results.  This steps takes a lot of research as well as trial and error.


Third, you must follow the algorithms rules.  Every algorithm has a set of parameters, it’s what makes it tick.  Those are it’s rules and following them will help you gain success marketing your business online.


If you have a basic understanding of the algorithm then you can create your own company guidelines to follow the algorithm.  Which I call your algorithmic rules.  This is a simple way of keeping your company on track when posting certain types of content with the goal of achieving a specific result.

*Disclaimer:  Tracking the results of your algorithmic rules, or guidelines, will increase their chances of working for you.  With experience, analytics and updates your algorithmic rules/guidelines are an educated guess but are a sure fire way to keep your business focused on specific goals.