That’s illegal!

Ever wonder where people get their images from when marketing their business? You’re probably thinking, “yay, Google”. Well THAT’S ILLEGAL! There is a lot of protection that goes into any form of art including logos, images etc. It’s not uncommon for smaller start ups to come to us for some professional marketing collateral and their desire to “use an image found on the internet”. If you haven’t noticed this is why many images you see have a watermark on them. That is to remind you that the image belongs to the creator and it is not okay to simply grab it off the internet and then apply in your own marketing material.

Some will ask, “can’t we just Photoshop the watermark off?” No, THAT’S ILLEGAL! If you did not buy the image and it’s appropriate license from the owner then you cannot use it. So what do you do?

Let’s keep this professional. If you’re serious about branding and marketing your business the right way and don’t want to break the law there are resources out there! is a perfect example. Use professional images that are made for you to use in your marketing and keep it legal! Check them out! Click the link below to sign up for an account and you will have access to a library of thousands of images, videos, music clips and more! What’s more?! By clicking this link you will receive 20% off!

Now start shopping for professional images LEGALLY and ask us questions! We are istock partners and can help you along the way.