Social Tip: Connected Accounts Equal Disconnected Companies

I recently saw this and was completely surprised anyone would recommend connecting your Facebook Page to your Twitter account.  I do understand we are all very busy these days, but I am going to be completely honest in this post.  All this tells your audience on Twitter is that you do not care about them because every post will end with an link, which means it was generated from Facebook.

If you do not take the time to be authentic, genuine and relational in 2014 then you are no different than the advertisers who created billboards.  This year is the year companies need to take the time to do the “small things” to make a difference.  Your best thought out strategy will be broken without focusing on the “small things.” 

The “small things” that matter most are going to help you connect to customers and cultivate relationships.  Here is how you can get started.

Break the Connection

For starters, not connecting your social accounts.  Keeping each network separate is going to set you apart from your competitors.  Just keep this in mind, each social network has it’s own unique language and audience.  You may have some audience crossover but if you don’t speak the network language then you will miss out on the “double opportunity.”

Genuinely Represent You

You will find many companies automate social content to save time and money.  Stop it!  Automation may save you some time but it will cost you long term.

Be Authentically You

Be who you are.  If you are grateful when people follow you on Twitter then write them and say thank you.  If you appreciate the support, let your audience know.  If you don’t care, you probably won’t be on social or shouldn’t be.

Relationships Matter

2014 is all about connecting to build a loyal audience to maximize your ROI.  You can do this by focusing on three relational “small things.”

1.  For every action someone takes have an equal or opposite reaction.

If someone follows you or likes your page then say thanks.  If someone ReTweets you or Favorites your tweet, say thanks.  The point is to let people know you are paying attention and you appreciate the support.  Every action someone takes you should respond to say thanks, answer a question or if they are being negative respond with kindness.

2.  Treat each network as it’s own networking venue.

Don’t post the same content on Twitter as you posted on Facebook.  Each network has it’s own language and culture.  It’s like trying to understand someone who is speaking a similar language but the difference is in the details, the “small things.”

3.  Cross Promote

This is not anything new, but there is a new way of doing it.  When I mention cross promotion usually it is taken as promoting your Facebook Page on Twitter, but that is only one side of it.  You can promote one network on another, but cross promotion goes much deeper.

True cross promotion is when you find another business that complements yours and network with them.  You meet them, connect with them online, promote them and they do the same.  It’s a relationship that benefits you on and offline.  This can be a difference maker in 2014 for you.  It has to be a genuine and authentic relationship for this to work.