Print Still Has it Going On

The days of mass mailings and large phone book ads may seem a distant memory with our move to all things digital, however print most certainly has a formidable and irreplaceable presence in the marketing relationship.

Commanding and memorable with a good reputation, print is the perfect companion to the fast, sociable digital platform.

Print materials are tangible. We touch, hold and turn them. It has been proven that print materials actually imprint into our memories better than digital images because of the tactile component. A printed postcard for example will travel from business to car to desk as a constant reminder to the client. Brochures are printed treasures where clients can enter the dreamy world of that brochure, take it with them to show others and share one page at a time, anywhere, anytime.

Real Estate brochures for properties are essential for marketing. The brochure takes a potential buyer on a tour every time they look through the pages. Flyers are a necessary print material for any real estate marketing as well. "Honey, stop the car, let me grab a flyer" is the most heard sentence to anyone that has ever gone house hunting.

It Takes Two to Tango

The most complimentary combination in a marketing strategy is Print and Digital marketing together. They go hand-in-hand to support each other. Postcards, brochures and flyers drive clients to websites, while digital advertising leads to events, promotions and sales with a take-away of print materials.

New business reach expands exponentially with a print and digital pairing. Nothing gets by this duo on the demographic scene. Where digital can't reach, print is there. These two were a marketing match made in heaven.