Multiple Page Admin Identifier Rolls Out in 5 Days

Multiple people can often manage one Facebook Page but often times you may not know who posted what.  Starting February 20th Facebook is changing that.  They will roll out, what we call, their "admin identifier."

How this “admin identifier” works is that when an admin creates a post their name will appear below the Page name next to Posted by (shown in the image).  You may think, “That’s awesome, but we actually reply to people who comment.  How will we know who responded?”  Great question!  You will also see the admin’s name who responded to a comment.  Their name will appear below the comment next to Commented by (also shown in the image). 

Most companies are not ready to humanize their brand and do not want their audience to know who is responding so they may not take to this change well.  That is why Facebook made it so that no one but the Page admins will actually see this information, so your secrets are safe within the administrators of your Page.

You may be wondering what happens if an admin schedules a post, well Facebook has that covered too.  You will be able to see who scheduled a post in your Page’s activity log.  With this update we all know who to blame for posts that go south, only joking.  Seriously, we now can hold each other accountable for what is posted, scheduled or for the comments we publish.  Maybe people will think twice before posting now, or maybe people will still be people.

A note that Facebook added is that none of the posts or comments prior to February 20th will have this feature on them and currently this feature is not available to everyone at the moment, but will be on the 20th.

You can read Facebook’s official information about the change here.

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