Mobile Responsive Website: The Missing Piece to the Branding Puzzle

Why do I need a mobile responsive website? I have a website, isn’t that enough?

Well, if you don’t mind your audience doing the outdated “manual dexterity dance” of index finger and thumb scrolling across their devices searching endlessly for that essential bit of information that they need to connect with your company. The frustration of this hunt quickly mounts into an unprofessional impression of your company and tests their loyalty. Relief is just a quick search away to your competitor, who gives your customer all they want with a mobile responsive website that steals their hearts and your business. You see, once you’ve seen a website made for your mobile device, there’s no going back.

A mobile responsive website is designed specifically to display all the elements of your site within the parameters of the device’s screen in a neat package of intuitive navigation creating a positive end user experience which equals new customer generation, repeat customers and a higher usage rate.

We are, with phone in palm, quickly becoming exclusively mobile. Transitioning your brand into a mobile responsive website is key for retaining and generating customers with the highest ROI.

·      By the end of 2015, almost a billion users will be mobile only, not even owning a desktop or laptop

·      Close to 70% of customers prefer mobile responsive websites over the desktop version

·      By 2016 mobile commerce will reach 30 billion dollars

Having a website is not nearly enough, a mobile responsive website is imperative to complete the puzzle to marketing your brand and services for increased revenue through customer reach and loyalty.

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