Mobile Apps: More than a Garnish, it’s the Whole Enchilada

Mobile Apps: More than a Garnish, it’s the Whole Enchilada

Speaking of enchiladas, there is that great place downtown with a line out the door that has the best this side of the border. Too bad the wait is so long and the hostess is so inundated with finding open tables that the phone rings a good 10 times before those loyal customers can get their pick up order in. It doesn’t have to be this way, amigo. Restaurants with apps give their customers access to their menus and the opportunity to place orders instantly, generating more business and continued loyalty.

Every business can benefit with a mobile app that accommodates their busy customers by offering all desired information at their fingertips. Capturing the fancy of new customers by offering the option to download an app after their initial search of your company is the added cool factor that sets you apart from the rest. They can get instantly acquainted with what you have to offer and purchase at that very moment, while their interest is still piqued. Good for them, good for you, now everybody’s happy.

Let’s count the ways a mobile app will create happiness …

For Business Owners:

  • Branding awareness & expansion
  • Easy accessibility for customers
  • Increased immediate sales
  • Customer acquisition & loyalty
  • Cool factor “why yes, I do have an app”

For Customers:

  • Enchiladas? Ordering from the parking lot at work. Life is easier.
  • Loading your location for instant directions
  • Scheduling appointments instantly without fuzzy hold music or during off hours
  • First to be notified of specials, offers, events, etc.

Mobile apps allow you to create a user experience with your customers that compliment their busy lifestyle without sacrificing your detail to quality and integrity. Businesses big or small can give their customers, new and existing, what they need with an mobile app. 

Now pass the salsa.