Marketing with a Social Perspective


I’ve worked hard the past several years to be known as a social pro, the go to social guy.  I am finding out the fruits of my labor have put me into a box, making me “just” the social guy.  Now it’s time step out of that box and let people really know what I am capable of.

Many businesses see social not as a marketing avenue but as a tool for branding.  I have disagreed for a very long time and have been able to prove it.  I have been successful using social as a marketing avenue with for profit and nonprofit companies.  I have been successful using Facebook and Twitter in achieving a high return on investment.  This took more than just social content.

This took marketing with a social perspective, or a social marketing mindset.  I have experience and knowledge marketing many companies, plus a unique social perspective.  Make me more than just a social guy, or social pro.

Over the years I have learned two very important lessons.

1.  Social is just one avenue for marketing.

It takes so much more than just posting and replying.  It takes a full marketing effort to be successful, implimenting social into your marketing plan and strateegy.

2.  Success only comes through relationship. 

Creating relationships online is just one side of the relationship coin, the other side is creating relationships offline.  Both are the key to success.  Managing and maintaining relationships with customers and businesses is what will make you truly successful.

I am fortunate enough to know many local businesses, it has made me a friend, a customer and a referral.  It is through those relationships that I am able to help others.  It is also through my relationship with my fantastic business partners that I am able to use my talents in helping our clients grow.

It is this partnership, our combined knowledge and experience, that makes us  It is here where we can truly grow your business.

Have you worked hard to be known as the go to person and now struggling to be more?