Marketing in 2014 in Two Words

Every year bloggers and marketers attempt to predict what will happen the next year.  Mainly to show their "expertise."  It's a lot like watching a weather person give their forecast, you know they are guessing based upon the data they have available to them.  The more data the more accurate they will be.

Rather than bore you with the data and predictions I want to present it differently.  This year I will explain what marketing will look like in 2014 with only two words.

New and Trust.

What will be new in 2014 depends on what you are currently doing for marketing now.  For some it will be getting involved with social, emails or finally getting a website.  If that is you, unfortunately you are far behind the times and 2014 will not be the year to catch up, unless you have deep pockets.  The new must for small businesses in 2014 will be mobile and pay to play. 

According to several studies out we, Americans, do not trust each other easily.  I see this happening with small business owners and their employees.  This distrust can cause friction in the workplace and with your marketing.  Trusting your employees or marketing agency will be key in marketing for 2014.

Combine new with trust and you will have an outstanding 2014.

Look for more blog post about The New in 2014, Trusting the Right People in 2014 and How to Hire the Right Team.