Learn, Change, Grow: The Series

The purpose of this series is to share our “ah ha” moments with you in hopes it helps you learn, change and grow along with us.  We have these moments often and they have a great impact on what we do as well as how we do it.  If there are “ah ha” moments you wish to share you can do so by commenting here or visiting our Facebook Page.  We may use what you write for future blog posts to help others, but of course give you all the credit.

Through one of these “ha ha” moments I have recently learned I have been too vague and not to the point when writing blog posts.  Also, that I need to slow down so I can focus more on being relational when posting social content.  That said, change has already happened and the result has been growth.  Growth happens on three levels, personal level, social level and a professional level.  I believe that if we can grow on a personal level and carry that over to our professional level then our growth on all levels will be even greater. 

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