Learn, Change, Grow: Etiquette Tip

I did a search on Twitter for tweets with the fb.me link in them after publishing the Social Tip: Connected Accounts Equal Disconnected Companies blog post.  The goal was to help people understand that connecting their Twitter account to their Facebook account only made them look disconnected.  I had the solution.

The idea was good, the goal was legit, but the etiquette was not.  I quickly began writing people letting them know about my newly published blog post with a link in the message.  Yep, I did that. 

The moment the fourth tweet went live I realized I made a rookie mistake.  Then, came the response from @DearDara accusing my business of being a spam bot.  “Oh crap!” was my initial thought.  Then came the panic that I just made my business sound like a spam bot.  Maybe you’ve had moments when you make a simple mistake and it blows up in your face.

The fact is that I knew better, but I was moving too quick to stop myself before the damage was done.

I immediately went into action and responded from my personal Twitter account, but wondered if I was too late.  From there things started to get a little better and I really appreciated the second chance @DearDara gave me but  the @TMMsInc account remains blocked.

Any time we have a bad first impression we appreciate second chances much more.  It is this mistake that spurred this learn, grow, change series.

Hopefully you learn from my mistake and grow like I have.
Thanks for reading.  If this helps you please let me know in the comments below or by sharing.  Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.