Learn, Change, Grow: Blogging

I have been blogging for business for a long time, specifically for my own business or my personal brand.  My purpose has always been to make an impact on readers by helping their businesses grow through marketing and by sharing my insights, thoughts and lessons learned.  Recently I realized I may have made less of an impact than desired through a recent interaction on Twitter.

This interaction definitely started out the wrong way, but the result has been priceless.  I discovered that the blog post I wrote was not achieving the purpose it was written for.  The points that were taken away by this reader were not the points I wanted to make.  I began to read it again and look at it through a different lens and realized I did not achieve my goal because I generalized some points.

I always want to keep my posts short and to the point but I realized I have been more general and find myself going down rabbit trails instead of sticking to the topic.  So now what do I do? 

I move forward and in future posts stick to the topic and be more specific. 

There is a lesson here for all of us.  Three blogging content tips to help you grow your business.

1.  Be intentional with your content.

Have a purpose for your blog but also for each post.  This will determine what you write, how you write it and what you link.

2.  Be specific with your content.

Stick to the topic at hand and use real life to compliment your topic.

3.  Make your point and then end your post.

There is no need to ramble on, get in and get out.  People consume content in "micro-chunks."

We always want to tackle problems and issues facing everyday businesses or people, so please ask any question you may have.  Our goal is to help you grow so we will answer your questions as best we can, and the best part - it's FREE.

Thank you for reading.  If you have any feedback, ideas or thoughts about future posts feel free to comment below.  If you found this helpful please share.