"If you're happy, I'm happy"

Why Bosses with Happy Employees do the Happy Dance

What is the key to more profits in your business? New product, service or catchy jingle?  The latest studies have revealed that it is none of the above. Your hidden profits are a result of your engaged employees. Engaged employees are committed to the success of the company. Their happiness is the main component to their level of productivity. Why are they so happy? It comes from the top. The bosses and managers set the example by their own happiness and respect for their employees.

Ready to get engagement out of your employees? Companies with the highest job satisfaction rates (and highest revenue) consistently demonstrate the following behaviors.

  1. Employees first. Let them know their happiness is important. Happy employees will lead to happy customers.
  2. Listen to their ideas. Employees whose ideas and suggestions are heard and acted upon feel validated and appreciated.
  3. Handle problems or issues promptly. It is inevitable, however there must be a prompt response to those problems when they arise to ensure employees can maintain a high  level of happiness.
  4. People are people. Employees are not just their position. All levels of the company should be interacting as a whole. Bosses and managers who regularly interact on a individual level to employees have more engaged employees overall.

It is really simple psychology. Happy bosses will create happy and engaged employees which leads to happy customers, and higher profits.

The correlation between high performance and an engaged employee in undeniable. It becomes a beautiful cycle that begins with the business owner recognizing employees are the backbone to their overall success.