How Professionally Designed & Printed Marketing Begs to be Touched

2-Dimensional Printing vs. the “Bubble Wrap” Effect: How Professionally Designed & Printed Marketing Begs to be Touched

What is it exactly about bubble wrap that beckons us? Is it that irresistible combination of shine and texture? The way it feels as we slide our thumb across that surface? We just can’t look away. Must. Touch. Now. Now, imagine if your business card commanded that same compulsive desire to experience, beyond the words, but tactility.

Interestingly as humans we take in and process information through all of our senses, however the more senses that are used in an experience, the deeper the imprint on our memory. Your branding is more than a color and font! It has the potential to offer a lasting experience through the addition of subtle yet irresistible printing techniques.

Professionally designed branding can literally “stand out” from the page by contrasting matte and glossy printing. Texture used for emphasis is key to imprinting your branding to future and existing clients for easy recall. An experienced marketing team knows just where the “pop” should be emphasized without crossing the line into “loud design” that has the opposite effect.

The Marketing Minds offers a “Spot UV” option, which is a sleek and shiny printing technique that puts your branding in the spotlight. The eye is immediately drawn to the shiny, smooth area and the thumb is quick to follow. Side by side, the “spot UV” printed materials beckon like bubble wrap and command attention.

Don’t fall flat in the outdated 2-dimension, give your branding a tactile edge and be unforgettable.