FreeInside: The Feel Good App that Honors our Veterans

Land of the Free

Are you free inside? In this country, yes, yes you are and we owe that freedom to the sacrifices made by the select few who serve to protect those freedoms. In honor of those dedicated men and women, we decided the hottest new app should be giving back to our military personnel and their families in a BIG way. They have paid a great price to keep us free inside this country and now every single business, organization and individual can join in giving back in an innovative way.

This month we are celebrating the freedoms we have inside this country and are giving back to those who deserve a heartfelt thanks for their sacrificial service.  Aren’t you glad to be #FREEinside?

Dispelling the myth that "nothing is free", the new app FreeInside is all about free goods and services. This is not an app for the coupon seekers or bogo buyers, it is as it claims; entirely comprised of free goodies for all.

As consumers approach the radius of a business offering free goods or services, the app will alert them. The alert to the free goodies will pop up on their device. A free small pizza from that new pizza joint? Don't mind if I do. It is immediate advertising in real time for our busy,  instant gratification minded culture.

Businesses using FreeInside capture new consumers through their free offers as consumers are compelled to try when it is free. The "try it, you'll like it" approach has had far reaching success.

The 3rd component to the FreeInside app is giving back. We are donating a big portion of our proceeds to veteran organizations!

With this new four-fold app we can all help consumers, veterans, communities and businesses. Let the free zone begin!

FREE Inside
Aren’t you glad to be #FREEinside?