FAQ's about websites

FAQ'S about The Marketing Minds Website Services:

Q: Does The Marketing Minds sell cheap templates?
A: Yes, right here http://www.themarketingminds.com/website-designs

Q: Can I customize a template?
A: Yes, but you bought the pre-made template to save money right? As soon as customization gets added to any web/mobile project the price goes up.

Q: I have a WordPress site and it's broken. Can you help me fix it?
A: Yes, we can help! WordPress and other similar website platforms are great at getting you started with a beautiful, everything you dreamed of website for cheap. What you don't realize is that in order to keep that website looking and functioning great is that you have to maintain it frequently. The longer it sits, the more things break and then you're calling us or some IT nerd asking "Why am I not getting traffic? Why are my images broken, Why does my website load so slow? What's a plug-in?" and on and on. We get these questions all the time! And right now you can pay us 1/2 the price for our help so you can get back to doing your job! Check it out here: http://www.themarketingminds.com/hire-a-pro-bundle

Q: Does The Marketing Minds use WordPress to build websites?
A: NO! But we are glad you asked! We use a Content Management System (CMS) by NetSuite.

Q: Why do you use a platform to build your websites and how is that better for me?
A: Our CMS has been built and further customized so that we can create websites for our clients and then give our clients the ability to maintain, edit, change their website on their own without having to know code! Unlike WordPress, Website Builder, Wix or similar platforms you have many options to keep your website functioning and looking great even a year or five years after it's built! And if you don't want to make the edits yourself you simply send your requests via email to us and we will do it for you! Our help is included in your monthly hosting. That's something else you will NOT get with WordPress or the other platforms.

Q: What else do I need to have a website?
A: Aside from the website itself you need a domain - the address of your website, and hosting - the space for your website to call home.

Q: Speaking of websites, do I need to have a mobile responsive website?
A: Absolutely YES! The statistics keep climbing every year as more and more people are searching, shopping, playing and paying on their mobile devices. If visitors see a link to your website or visit it directly and it is not mobile responsive - they are 5 times more likely to not visit again because it is too difficult to find things quickly.

Q: Can I just have The Marketing Minds set up my entire website so the domain and hosting is included?
A: Yes! We actually highly recommend that. It's very common for people to think they are saving money because they bought their domain for $5 from one party and their hosting for $9/month from another party and their website from another party.... well, guess what?!

Unless you know a lot about technology and domains and hosting and website programming then you will end up spending a ton of your precious time trying to figure out how to make these 3 pieces work together. All too often - then throw in the towel and decide you would rather pay someone to do it for you. But guess what? Now your helper needs login access to all 3 of those accounts and weeks of time to get authorization to make these 3 things work together. And we all know time is money so then the question is what is worth all the deals to then pay an IT nerd hundreds of dollars to do what you thought you could do.

Like anything else when you bundle services and hire one company to do it all you will save the most money and the most time and in turn no headaches, a website up and running much faster and you're able to do what you really want to do and that is your job!

Q: If The Marketing Minds builds my website on their CMS do I have to host with The Marketing Minds?
A: Yes. That is because unlike the other platforms we manage and maintain your website. We refuse to just build you an awesome website then just let it sit there to never be revisited or checked on again. By hosting your website we are able to keep it safe, notify you instantly if anything goes wrong, and offer our help at all times. We will not build a website that is hosted anywhere else because we care and we want our customers to know we are here for you. We take pride in that. This is not typical for any company who builds websites to offer this type of ongoing customer service.

Q: Do you have samples of websites you've made?
A: Yes! They can be found in several spots. Check our current clients list for the most up-to-date websites on our Clients page, visit our online Portfolio or email us at info@themarketingminds.com and request more website samples.

Q: Why does my website look different in every browser?
A: This is what makes creating websites so challenging. It's important to create for all browsers but unless you have a lot of money and a full-time web programming staff it is impossible to keep your website "perfect" on all browsers. Tip: Internet Explorer is the most problematic and one of the least used browsers so don't kill yourself trying to please Internet Explorer. http://tmms.co/1uF7EAq