Facebook Ads, Effective or Ineffective & ROI

One of the bigger topics of discussion since the launch of Facebook’s IPO has been it’s ads service for businesses.  Recently for us it’s been more of a question as to their effectiveness and what the return on investment is.  There is no simple answer to either of those questions, but I will attempt it anyways.

An ad’s effectiveness is dependant upon knowing a few things first.

1.  Facebook Ads

You must know how to create and implement Facebook Ads.  The more experienced you are the better the ad will be.  We also recommend using someone familiar with Power Editor.  It’s not always easy finding someone with knowledge but it is with knowledge you ad will have a better chance of success. 

2.  Target Audience

Knowing your target audience for your brand is one thing, but knowing who you are targeting for your ad is extremely important and will fully determine the success of your ad.  If you target the wrong audience - you waste money. If you guess, you have a slim chance of creating a successful ad. But if you know whom you are targeting for the ad your chance of success sky rockets!  If you do not know who your target audience is you need to do some research before attempting to produce an ad.

3.  Desired Results

Establishing desired results and goal will help you determine how much your ad spend should be.  If you are a big dreamer you need to have a thicker wallet.  The bigger the desired results the bigger the ad spend.  It also will determine how many ads you need to create, leaving it at one will ultimately diminish your return.

4.  Projected Results

As you track your ad you will quickly be able to project what the results will be.  Ad analytics is extremely important to your ad campaign.  Each ad needs to be tracked closely to determine the projected return.  Without projections you are guessing what the results will be.

I recently read an article saying that the return on investment for Facebook Ads is higher on an iOS device than on an Android.  Whether that is true or not, your return greatly hinges on the above.  The more prepared and planned-out you are - the higher your return will be.