Eva and "Monroe the Magnificent"

A Local Girl With A Warm Heart For Others

Every now and then we love to share a heartfelt story that really has nothing to do with what we’re doing in the office. A story about people right here in our Roseville community doing things to support others.

Then, just this past month, Eva had another mission and wanted to find a way to help support a local 2 month old baby who is sick with Leukemia. Ever since Eva learned about “Monroe the Magnificent” she has been working hard to bake cookies and sell them in an effort to raise money for Monroe’s family and help with their day-to-day costs and medical bills.

Eva's goal is to help raise $1000 for Monroe and her family from baking cookies and raising awareness! Please help her by participating & sharing.

There is something to be said about a child willing to work so hard to help a family. Eva’s got a great big heart and our community is a better place because of her!

If you’re interested helping the family here is a link: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/monroe-the-magnificent-/202072

If you’d like to buy warm and yummy cookies from Eva, she’s working hard in the kitchen waiting for your orders! Please email Vicki at vikirose07@yahoo.com to order your cookies - Thank You!

Eva and Monroe photo