Does my business really need a professional logo?

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Recently I was asked, “I’m a small business just starting up why is it so important to have a professionally designed logo?” If you’re a startup having a logo to tell the world who you are is going to set the tone and will let your audience know if you take your business serious. Having a logo is similar to having a personal style. The more there’s thought put into your style, the more recognizable you become to those who know you and even to those who may just be acquainted with you. Why is that important? Well if you want your business to grow then your style or logo needs to be top-of-mind. If you haven’t taken the time to put thought and professionalism into your logo then you are blending in.

Consider this… you strike up a conversation at a coffee shop. You share your business card with a couple people in line. You get your coffee, you part ways. Maybe those people had no need for your services at that moment but your logo/style has been branded in their minds. A week later those same people are out at a lunch meeting and they see your car drive by with your logo on it. They remember it from the coffee shop. A month later, they are at an event and they see a banner with your logo on it. 2 months later they are in another conversation with a new group of business peers and someone from the group suggests they need a referral for your services. The first business that comes to mind is your business. They refer you without really knowing you.

Putting your professionally marketed logo out there will make your business stand out above your competitors who do not. Your business will be referred from those who may not even know you personally but because you have professionally made your mark they are talking about you and your business. That is the difference of having the right people help you create your brand vs. those who do not.

If you’re passionate about your business, be just as passionate about sharing it with the world and before you know it everyone will be talking about it.

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