Content: Quality vs. Quantity

The great debate!  Not that it’s really much of a debate any more. 

I always thought it went without saying, but recently I was presented with a question that brought me back to this topic.  A few years ago the evidence for quality content over the quantity of your content was overwhelming, yet I see so many businesses and professionals not abiding by the findings.  Honestly, I have been guilty of focusing on quantity rather than quality but I will read an article  or get asked a question that causes me to refocus on what is most important.

The number one reason I will say that quality content is most important than the quantity is because Google holds content that has been interacted with higher.  Since Google is still the number one search engine and they look at content in such a way, well, then we should too.

Whether you hate Google or not, they impact whether your business is found above or below your competitors or even found at all!

If that’s not enough for you, then think about it from a social perspective.  When you create social content but lack interaction then your social account is not relevant, but if you create content that appeals to your audience then you will be seen as relevant by the social network.  Whether it is searching on Google or a social network it is all based on an algorithm, in order to get your brand voice heard then you must play by the algorithmic rules.

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