A sweet 2016 is waiting for you

#SWEET1616 Beautiful Announcements


  1. After Many Patient Months
    At the close of 2015, The Marketing Minds Group completed our acquisition of a long time and like-minded business... MinistryWebsites.biz
     Like minded you may ask? A major component of our long-term plans to take our everyday knowledge and to successfully provide Enterprise Level Solutions to ministries and non-profits globally is now one step closer to becoming a reality.
  2. Hard Work = Super Excited
    We are in the laborious process of re-branding MinistryWebsites.biz, but our team is stoked! Feel free to sign up FREE for "The Ministry Minds" non-profit help now
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  3. Little Time? Little Budget?
    Non-profits (and for 1 day only, businesses) of all sizes will enjoy an entire year of scalable pricing ranging from $16/mo - $1600/mo and up with new account setup. Not bad when you consider all the time sensitive requests and Design, Web, Mobile, Tech, Security, Email, Reporting, Marketing, Strategy and Social skills we offer for way less than in-house staff. Be sure to check out our pricing structures for MinistryWebsites.biz and TheMarketingMinds.com
  4. One Day To SAVE
    Since we are so pumped up about this new acquisition, TheMarketingMinds.com is offering all of our Business Customers the opportunity to upgrade and/or refer a friend or colleague on one special day each month to receive our #SWEET16 discounts. Even our normal pricing is a great value, but chose wisely grasshopper. And don't forget to follow us on social media or signup below to receive our updates and to find out when that day arrives each month!
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  5. Even BIGGER Rewards
    We've heard it said, "With great power, comes great responsibility" and we know that! We also know you do not refer on a whim, so we want to further that trust by increasing our Referral Rewards (for a limited time)
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  6. "Better Together" = BIGGER Reach
    We have always valued working with talented businesses, organizations & individuals and for the past couple of years have been honored to work with one such organization, called GEO. Not only have we enjoyed helping Global Entrepreneurs Organization get more integrated with their design, technology and marketing systems but we have seen incredible results from these efforts...
  7. One Lucky Winner
    As all the wonderful referrals for our integrated services come in, we will be holding a drawing on September 1, 2016 for 16 of our top referrers across all brands, a chance, to receive their very own (proven effective) Enterprise Solution for their business valued at more than $16,000.00 USD. See #5 again above to get involved.
  8. A Strong Marketing Foundation
     Marketing 2.0 modelIt was nearly 10 years ago that our president Norm Schurdell, with the help of then vice president, Jeremy Pisanic trademarked an integrated marketing model - Marketing 2.0 ®. It of course, has adapted over the years but the core remains strong. We bring this level of think-tank to every project we are apart of.
  9. New Office Locations
     We are excited to be expanding globally! And with the help of connections in Global Entrepreneurs Organization and Engineering Ministries International we have begun a training process with Charis Invest and Consult in Malawi, Africa. Through these beneficial relationships with Charis, GEO and EMI, we are looking to expand to the Philippines, India and Cambodia by early 2017.
  10. Sustainable Entrepreneurship
     With all the good news of expanding globally quickly, but intelligently, we are reminded of two important outcomes: (1) We love seeing others enjoy success with us and (2) The sharing economy will take over very soon.
  11. An App Before Its Time
     Some of you may know, we launched an app aimed to help support Veterans, their families and other organizations that directly impact the veteran community in a positive way. While it is not doing as good as we hoped, it has had some success. We have scheduled the FREE Inside App for a come-back and we are discussing some incredible opportunities with local and national organizations that would like to promote the app to benefit Veterans directly in the area of job training and career placement. So stay tuned and let your friends and family know help is on its way.
  12. Fail Big = Bigger SUCCESS
     As our business is expanding rapidly, we are cautiously looking for great talent to add a few new team members in 2016. We are excited because we know with a little patience, the right folks will eventually show up at 'our doorstep' so-to-speak. And we know those folks will be tough-as-nails, because they'll felt the pain of defeat but knew better than to let those petty things weight them down!
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  13. FREE Training
     We are looking forward to working with Educational institutions (online & offline), here and overseas, to help equip and train current and future generations of workplace superstars. We'd love to have your help and support to continue to provide these great opportunities through our partnerships with Charis, GEO, EMI, DBSP (hi-eye-q) and others.
  14. FREE Services
     We are providing even more of these great opportunities as our business and non-profit portfolios continue to grow rapidly. We will even be having a celebration event in the month of April with a special guest to announce our next list of #SWEET16 for all of you to enjoy.
  15. One More Thing
     Thank you for reading this far! We are truly grateful for the many great folks we work with and are honored at the success many of our businesses and organizations share with us. When #WeLoveWhatWeDo it is easy to team up with like minded folks. Sixteen - If you think we can't count, you might be right! In the meantime... think you can guess what we left out? Get in touch with us and let us know something you think we 'forgot' to tell you about.
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