A Printer By Any Other Name: All Printing Is Not the Same

Demystifying the art of Printing

After hours of design, careful color selection, meticulous typography and thorough brand identification you are ready for print. Or are you? What you see digitally can quickly degrade into fuzzy images and illegible type with an unsuitable printer. The printed image is your company's image. The quality of your brand identity printed materials harness the power to say "we are professional and professionally printed this, go with us" or "we printed this on a desktop printer, run the other way". If you care about the details of your printing, your audience will know you care about the details of your business.

Desktop Printer, Wherefore Art Thou?

These printers can range from dot matrix, laser printers, and inkjet printers for personal and office use. Desktop printers were designed to print documents on paper for general quality and use, not your epic branded materials.

Digital vs. Press Printing?

Digital printers

Less Expensive:
Digital printing is a direct-to-paper printing process and is about half the cost of offset printing.

Lack of Color Consistency:
Digital printing uses four colors which are printed in tiny dots that create an overall image. However different set-ups from machine to machine will have different color results, which is okay for small runs. But you can never be certain what you'll get. Additionally your trademark colors may be unachievable in the four color range. Proofing is an option to get accurate color, but will bring the price up.

Without the necessity for pre-press setup, the turn around averages 3 days if not the same day.

Digital printers are meant for smaller run jobs requiring less quality and attention to detail. 

Commercial Press Printing

Higher Cost:
Press printing requires specific digital formats and file preparation for the images to be produced on plates that roll the ink into a roller and then onto the paper.  Setting up, aligning the press, as well as washing the press also figure into the setup charges.

Exceptional Color Accuracy:
Press printers use a four color system that rolls color onto the plates to coincide with the The Pantone Matching System (PMS) which is a precise color formula matched perfectly to the color swatch guide and digital Pantone specifications. They are blended inks that have vibrancy, saturation and range. What you see is what you get, so if your business requires that branded candy apple red - press printing is the best choice.

Papers Galore:
The choices are unlimited in color, thickness and textures.

Details Matter:
Press printing gives that fine, crisp edge even up close. Lettering stays clear and bold.

Flexible Formats:
Over-sized or printed in the shape of an apple, it can all be possible with Press printing. The only limits are your imagination.

The Marketing Minds takes printing very seriously. All your branding depends on a final, professionally printed image. We work with the best printers in the area so your materials always look their best.