A Designers Thoughts on Cheap Logo Design

I recently read an article that poses the question, do cheap logo services threaten the design community?

 I have been doing this long enough to know that this does not impact quality designers.  Many of my clients in the past have used cheap logo design services and quickly discover they do not get access to all the files they need to reproduce the logo for business cards, shirts, websites, large banners or any other promotional/marketing material. 

Usually within a year or so they find that their logo is not unique to their business and that is when they hire a professional designer to create a custom logo.  Your logo is your unique mark that customers can identify you by.  It is your legacy within the business community.

Every cheap logo service reminds me of the saying, “You get what you pay for.”  You have to decide what your brand is worth before deciding if you want to use cheaper services or if you want a professional to design something custom and unique to your business.

Thank you for reading.  If this was helpful for you please share.  Feel free to leave your thoughts below.